Creative Coding Week 10: Love Compatibility Machine

This week, we are making a love compatibility machine with Arduino. This is actually my first week actually writing codes and running it on Arduino, so it took me some time to find the correct port and setting up everything.

To test the compatibility of two persons, I need to include two inputs for my interface. So I decided to use two potentiometers as my user inputs since they have knobs that can be turned easily and they do not need to be calibrated.

I planned to have two knobs that users will use to turn at the same time, and if they end up turning the knob in the same range (from 100–155), the LED bulb will display a flow of red-pink-purple color to show that they are compatible. If the two knobs are not in the same range, the light bulb will display a blue color.

Match(left) and no match(right)

Watch the video here (you might hear me singing along to SZA in the background but I’m too lazy to record again so enjoy!):



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