Creative Coding Week 8: Arduino

As we are stepping into the second half of this semester, this week we are starting to experiment with electric circuits and physical buildings. To familiarize ourselves with Arduino, we are asked to build a switch that’s not operated by hands for our assignment.

I first attempted to put together a basic circuit with a switch. After I figured out how the switch actually works, I also played around with adding another switch to make a parallel circuit. Then I moved on to building my assignment for the week.

First, I attached some tin foil to the ends of the circuit to extend their lengths. I then started thinking about what other elements could be conductive or could be used to create an interaction without hands. I decided to go with water and attach the two ends of the circuit at different heights so it would serve as an indication of the amount of water left in a glass. However, it seems like water isn’t conductive enough to light up the LED. So I added a lot of salt into the water to resolve this issue.


I am excited to see what more I can create in the following weeks!




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Cory Zhao

Cory Zhao

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