Creative Coding Week 9: Switch Part II

This week, we are continuing our last week’s assignment on switches. We are asked to improve or build a switch that provides meaningful feedback to the user. So instead of building on last week’s switch, I decided to build a new one that will notify people to take off their shoes when they enter my apartment.

Inspired by the footswitch Scott showed in class, I decided to use that as the base for my switch. I jotted down some quick ideas on paper:

First, I found a shoebox and cut off the excess cardboard so I have a basic structure to work with.

Then, I modified the length of the flap(?) on the underside so that the switch isn't too tall.

Afterwards, I lined both sides with tin foils to make them conductive.

Finally, I made the LED signage using a paper triangle with an insert of “SHOES” made with construction paper.

Finally, I connected the wires with the foil, and now I have a switch to let people know they should take off their shoes when they come into my house!

The video is linked here:

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