Ideation & Prototyping Week 7: Time Capsule Part I

This week, we are starting a three-part time capsule project. As part 1, we are asked to pick several items and come up with different narratives surrounding the things we picked.

I started the project first with a look at my ticket books to see if I have any interesting memories that I can tell. As I was looking through the book, I saw the small drawer on my desk which I haven’t touched in a while. I wanted to use it as a storage for stationaries but it somehow became a dumping ground for things that I have in my pocket. I realized that some items I have in there actually remind me of some interesting & intimate memories, so I decided to do my project around the things I found in my pocket as an exploration of self-growth.

I picked out five items: a pair of glasses, a needles and threads kit, a polaroid photo, a pink ribbon, and a glitter eyeshadow.

I first started working on the stories I have around these items, and then decided that I’d be putting them on Instagram because it is a great platform for images and storytelling. I then used stop motion to make the posts more engaging and edited texts with different fonts.

Aaaand voila! To view on Instagram, click here.

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