Ideation & Prototyping Week 8: Time Capsule Part II

This week we are continuing with the time capsule project. For the second part of this project, we are designing a physical enclosure for the items we have picked last week.

Since my time capsule revolves around memories associated with personal growth, I want the container to also embody that theme. So I thought about plants and nature because they represent life and growth. With these themes in mind, I quickly jotted down some sketch for the container.

I imagined that the container is going to have two levels: the top level will be consists of a decorative plant and perhaps some soil, and the bottom level will be revealed by pulling the plant upward. When I was sketching out the design, I realized that I have a plastic container that can be repurposed for this project. So I sketched out my plan to work with the plastic container.

I started by trimming the lid so that it would become a platform small enough to fit inside of the container. I used a piece of tissue paper to measure the internal diameter of the container and then trimmed the lid to the measured length. However, it wasn’t able to stay flat when I placed it into the container; so I then thought about using the edges that were trimmed off from the lid and line it inside so that it can serve as a bottom hinge for the platform.

After modifying the container, I moved on to building a decorative plant. I used some colored construction paper and a cardboard box to cut out the leaves and branch. I then made a slit on the platform and put in some extra flaps on the bottom of the branch so that it will stay upright.

At this point, the container is mostly done. I put all my time capsule items inside but then realized that the container is not big enough for the glasses…such a stupid mistake. As a result, I made(drew) a representation of the glasses, which fits in the container without any problems.

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To imitate the look and feel of soil, I grabbed some red beans in the pantry and layered them on the top platform.

I can picture my time capsule to fit right in with other plants if it were to be buried. I want my time capsule to be clear and easily perceivable because I want to create an open exhibition of my experiences and memories of self-growth. I find power in being unapologetic and upfront when it comes to showing vulnerability and personal histories. In addition, the viewer has to “uproot” the decorative plant to access the content inside, which is a metaphor for my past and my memories, because I see them as to where I am rooted and growing from.

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