Ideation & Prototyping Week 9: Time Capsule Part III

“Fast forward 126 years into the future… It’s the year 2145 and the current inhabitants of what was once known as Earth, just made a shocking discovery: your time capsule.”

After humans left their homes for other planets, the Earth became a quiet and serene place for the creatures that are still surviving. The aliens that were captured and kept in Area 51 are among those that are still living and thriving on the now inhabitable Earth.

The aliens celebrated and partied almost every day for the departure of human beings. One night, an alien at Area 51 made a shocking discovery……

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My thoughts and process:

When I started working on this week’s assignment, I decided to tell the story without any texts. I think that leaving the text out creates space for interpretation and is a great way for me to challenge my drawing skills. The story plot naturally came to me after building my time capsule last week. Because everything in the box is so sentimental and carries many memories, I want to make the story comedic as a contrast to what I have done in previous parts of this project. The contents inside my time capsule will only be valuable when the affection associated with these objects is being properly translated. So if an alien, or anyone who doesn’t get a chance to read about the story behind all these items were to discover my time capsule, I imagine that they’d treat most things in there as trash. However, I do hope that whoever that excavates my time capsule will get a chance to have fun with the glitter eyeshadow and the glasses.

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