Visual Design A4: Design Systems pt.2

Hearing some feedback from last week’s sketches, I decided to go further with my ideas and come up with more iterations of my initial idea.

I went back to the title again and began to think about other ways I can add more meaning to it. I asked myself, what does it mean to be invisible? As a Chinese immigrant living in the U.S., I can relate to the feeling of invisible in many different ways. To me, being invisible means to be covered, erased, and ignored. So to visualize and translate that feeling, I decided to incorporate Chinese letters into the design.

I sketched out a few ideas and didn’t really like any of them.

If you have been reading my blog, you already know this sketch is going to be messy….lol

So I decided to stop wasting more time and figure it out as I go. First, I typed out the word “隐”(pronounced as Ying), which means invisible or hidden. I wanted to play around with the character, so I modified its shape using envelope distort.

I then thought about what if I make the character like a cutout on a paper, and then have the title peek through it? I made some iterations with that idea, but again, none of them really stuck with me.

At this point, I truly believe I am just having a bad week and I was ready to give up. But then my friend asked me to try a more simple and structured layout.

I went back to my design and started from scratch. I realized that I could put the “IN” in “invisible” on top of “隐” since they have very similar width and structure. I realized that I can have the Chinese character interlaced with the English, and have the English characters completely overpower it.

With that figured out, I went back to last week’s grid plan and tried a few different options. I feel that placing the centerpiece, the stacked characters, on the left side creates a left-heavy visual focal point. So to contrast that, I made sure that the other characters would be using a structure that leads the eyes upwards to the left.

Having finished the main copies of the poster, I began to think about where the rest of the texts are going to go. To not disturb the visual direction I have created, I tried with the texts following the margin line and surround the main content. I put the elements that have the most characters horizontally and left the numbers to the right side, since numbers are a bit more readable vertically compared to characters placed in that way.

I think I will continue to work on the texts and clean up some minor details like the gutters, spacing, and type weights. But with this copy, I am much more confident going into the article and the website landing page, since I have some visual elements already set up.

So far, I know that my entire project will have:

  • A structured look and feel
  • Stacked characters as the center piece
  • A color palette and body typeface picked

Let me know your thoughts and help me finalize this poster design! :)



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