Visual Design A5: Type in Motion pt.3

Coming into week three of this assignment, I am definitely feeling some stress and fatigue working with the same material for the past two weeks. So after watching some other kinetic typography work and learning up some tricks and skills on YouTube, I scratched a lot of ideas and decided to start over with some new transitions.

The first thing I did was finishing up adding all the texts. I also fixed some syncing issues and changed some types to provide more consistency. For transitions, I added a camera for one specific scene and tried playing around with different effects such as wiggle, expand, and wave warp. I also found that adding motion blur to movements will make things look more realistic.

Here’s my second draft:

For next week, I will tidy up some details and add more effects to “Model”. I think I’m in a good place for my second draft and I’m looking forward to some feedback!



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