Visual Design A5: Type in Motion pt.4

This week, I focused on adding some details and finalizing my draft from last week according to some of the feedback I have received. It definitely feels odd to conclude the project after weeks of working on it since each week I am always thinking about how I could make things more visually interesting.

Because I have finished the biggest chunk of work last week, I only added in a few things and made little tweaks on details like speed, position, and timing. I also included more graphic elements like eyes and stage lights to make use of some blank spaces on the screen.

Here’s my finished video:

Looking back at the start of this project, I am feeling very proud of the progress I have made so far. Even though I think there are certain things like scene arrangements that I could have done better and I could have planned the storyboards better, I am satisfied with how the video turned out. I was able to familiarize myself with AfterEffects and learn some basic skills in motion design. I am excited to create more projects with the new tools and skills I have picked up from this semester!



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